Custom Solutions

For HB Rentals, no two projects are alike. Our products may be similar but client needs, challenges and requirements vary project by project. Whether it is schedule, footprint / plot size, number of workers to accommodate, remoteness of site location, regulatory requirements, need for utility services, custom outfitting or special contracting / invoicing requirements, HB Rentals has the team to support your project no matter how unique your requirements might be.

From day one our customers engage our highly trained sales team to provide consultative support in project planning. We’ll work to optimize your project based on your performance metrics – whether they be schedule, cost, quality, comfort or productivity.  HB Rentals has the expertise where it matters most, whether it be in regulatory compliance, various engineering disciplines or skilled project managers with in-depth experience in delivering projects on time and on budget.

HB Rentals' offerings range from individual accommodation modules (offshore) or units (land) for rent all the way up to custom engineered temporary living quarter complexes complete with stairs, platforms and walkways or man camps suited for warm or cold weather climates. In addition to accommodation housing, we provide all operating essentials needed to live and work at a remote site such as water, sewage, power, lighting and communications.

We can meet your accommodation need no matter how harsh the climate or hazardous the work space. With our highly experienced project management teams, we are able to work with your unique requirements and manage all disciplines – engineering, fabrication, logistics, installation and commissioning – to deliver your custom project on time and on budget.

HB Rentals supports projects in oil & gas, seismic testing, supplemental military vessel housing, offshore wind construction and maintenance, disaster recovery, highway and pipeline construction and just about any other project with the need for onsite workforce housing.  


With our planning, design and engineering disciplines, HB Rentals supports custom build products, custom designed TLQ complexes and new product development for our offshore and land accommodation rental fleets.

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Compliance review is critical to the success of an offshore custom project by ensuring the product design and manufacture is in full compliance with the governing regulatory body.

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Project management expertise is the most important discipline to ensure your project stays on schedule and budget and is delivered to specification.

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Our custom build process starts with thoroughly understanding your specifications for safety, quality and regulatory approval.

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HB Rentals provides general refurbishment, maintenance and recertification services for client owned accommodation modules as an extension of our rental business.

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