Operating Essentials

Our support doesn’t stop when a project is installed. HB Rentals offers a wide range of operating essential services to keep your project operating and workforce productive. Services including water, sewage, power, communications, lighting, cooling and waste disposal are all provided, monitored and maintained by HB Rentals. If one of these critical systems fails it could lead to costly downtime. HB Rentals will work with your team to ensure these essential services meet your needs. We proactively provide your crew with all the essentials of onsite living with the goal of avoiding non-productive downtime and minimizing impact on the company man in having to deal with otherwise avoidable issues.

Sewage Systems

Sewage systems provide solutions for waste generated onsite.  With the use of lift stations, sump pumps, and heated and insulated hoses, waste is sent to storage units to be trucked away off site.

Water Systems

HB Rentals offers a range of fresh water systems and services including regular route delivery, storage tanks and subzero systems for cold weather climates.

Power Systems

HB Rentals provides power systems to keep your job site fully operational 24/7.  Products include generators, transformers, distribution panels, receptacle racks and diesel fuel tanks.     

Communications Systems

HB Rentals offers a full suite of remote oil field communication services. All wellsite communication services are provisioned via HB’s proprietary network, which is actively monitored by our Network Operations Center (NOC). Field operations are supported by dedicated Service Technicians who install, maintain, and service all site equipment. 

Lighting Systems

HB Rentals offers a self-contained light plant. This system is wheel mounted and is powered by a diesel fuel powered generator. The maxi-light plant comes complete with four 1000 watt bulbs. Our lighting systems are supported and maintained by our field service technicians to help ensure safe nighttime operation and site perimeter security at remote locations.

Cooling Systems

Serving as “middle” ground between field conditions and controlled AC conditions, the HB Rentals cooling unit provides a sheltered location that field personnel can retreat to for OSHA recommended breaks.

Waste Disposal Systems

To help manage and remove site waste, HB Rentals offers a variety of waste solutions including trash compactors, roll-off waste containers and trash hauling services.