Communications Systems

HB Rentals offers a full suite of remote oil field communication services. All wellsite communication services are provisioned via HB’s proprietary network, which is actively monitored by our Network Operations Center (NOC). Field operations are supported by dedicated Service Technicians who install, maintain, and service all site equipment. 

The HB network is a proprietary, cloud-based remote communication solution for rig site operations. It is comprised of hardware and software technologies leveraging both wireless and satellite networks to create a high-speed, high-availability, high-clarity – while cost-effective communications service.

Applications supported 
  • Analog/Digital Voice Services
  • High Definition DirecTV Services
  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity
  • Dedicated “Company Man” Internet Access
  • Rig Site Communications & Loudspeaker systems
  • Real-time Logging Data/SCADA Data Internet Connection
  • Social Media, Video streaming, and Mobile Device Compatibility

Communications Systems

Network Operation Center

HB Rentals manages a manned Network Operations Center that actively monitors installed wellsite communication locations and responds immediately if a failure is detected. 

Wellsite Equipment

HB Rentals deploys various types of equipment and technology based on unique factors for each rig site. This may include routers, modems, satellite dishes, and more. 

Quality Field Service

HB Rentals has dedicated service technicians that are deployed at HB's operating facilities in key Oil & Gas basins to service, install, troubleshoot, and decommission site communication equipment.