Wellsite Equipment

HB Rentals deploys various types of equipment and technology based on unique factors for each rig site. This may include routers, modems, satellite dishes, and more. 

​Wellsite communications equipment may include:

  • Wireless Cellular Access: HB utilizes several wireless carriers (region-specific), which increases network redundancy, reliability, and availability. Our in-house Network specialists can help identify the best solution for your location depending on its service area to be able to offer you the most reliable connection.
  • Indoor Communications Unit –Includes our data gateway, a wireless access point for connectivity for your devices, and a protective power conditioner. HB Rentals' has many accessories available that include additional Wi-Fi systems, stand-alone conference phones, public IP addresses that will enable a seamless connection to your home office. 
  • Satellite-Based Network Access: Highly reliable internet connection; ideal for remote locations outside of our carrier based LTE network. There are several bandwidth options available that will enable you to connect in the most remote regions
  • Engenius Industrial Cordless Phones – Longest range, ruggedized, cordless phones available; two-way radio, private line, or broadcast between multiple handsets; ability to add external dial tones to call remote locations or home office.
  • Wireless Handheld Radios – Classified (CI, DII) rated intercom systems, 150+ programmable channels for each system. An unlimited amount of handsets can be programmed as part of this intercom setup.