Network Operation Center

We typically are aware of a problem before the site is aware.

HB Rentals manages a manned Network Operations Center that actively monitors installed wellsite communication locations and responds immediately if a failure is detected. The ability to monitor and respond quickly helps identify issues as they occur and enables expeditious dispatching of technical support. 

Monitoring services
  • Monitoring of all active networks
  • Network Monitoring System (NMS) software system
    • Enables viewing of performance metrics across HB’s network and sub-networks 
  • Monitoring of weather patterns
  • Network status, data usage, error codes, and signal strength of every data unit
    • Ability to monitor type of usage: video streaming, internet surfing, abuse, etc.

After hours operations and weekends
  • Monitoring of all active networks 
  • Field trouble shooting and technical support with network data units and phone systems
  • DirectTV service issues 

Control services
  • Customizable usage and access controls, site-by-site and user-by-user
  • Network filters reduce access to sites with malicious software