Crew Housing Unit

The crew house gives the customer an affordable option to provide onsite housing for a large number of people. For many remote locations, this option affords the option of cutting out drive time to and from location, thus extending the number of hours a person has onsite and reducing exposure to driving conditions. 
  • Colorado Division of Housing compliant (Also known as “Colorado Blue Tagged")
  • Escape doors and windows
  • Outside lighting
Length 55’-60’  
Width 13’-4”   
Height 11’-4”  
Weight 44,000 lbs.  
Product Description Fully stocked kitchen 
Flat screen TV in living area
Satellite TV
Full size couch with recliners
Power Requirements 220 volt single phase with 200 amp main panel  
Fire & Gas 110v with battery backup smoke detectors
Fire extinguishers
Certifications (IBC 2009) 
(IMC 2009)
(IFGC 2009)
(UPC 2009)
(NEC 2001)
Colorado Division of Housing (Colorado Blue Tagged)