Executive Company Man Unit

This unit is designed for a customer with a desire to increase their living space. The unit provides private bedrooms and full baths at opposite ends of the unit and a common area for the living room and kitchen space. The office area is a separate unit, commonly called the “bump office,” and it is situated next door with the two units sharing a threshold. This allows for the work space to be clearly separated from the living space, allowing a client to feel right at home with the additional living space.
  • Increased living space
  • Option for a separate work space
  • Complete with all the comforts of home
  • Colorado Division of Housing compliant (Also known as “Colorado Blue Tagged”)
  • Escape doors and windows
  • Entry step with handrail
  • Outside lighting
Length 64’
Width 13’-4” 
Height 11’-6”
Weight 50,000 lb
Fully stocked kitchen
Private bedrooms and bathrooms
Queen size beds with storage
Extra linens
Wardrobe closet in bedrooms
Flat screen satellite TVs in bedrooms
Spacious 48” showers 
Large flat screen TV in living room
Fully stocked kitchen 
Large capacity washer and dryer
Couch & recliner
Fire extinguishers
Escape doors and or windows
Entry Step with handrail
Power Requirements 220 volt single phase with 200 amp main panel
Fire & Gas 110v with battery backup smoke detectors
Certifications (IBC 2009) 
(IMC 2009)
(IFGC 2009)
(UPC 2009)
(NEC 2001)