Mud Engineer Unit

The mud engineer unit can be outfitted from a one bedroom overall configuration to a double ended suite unit. Depending upon the needs of the client, HB Rentals will provide a solution allowing the mud engineer the work space needed to accomplish his job effectively and safely.   
  • Colorado Division of Housing compliant (Also known as “Colorado Blue Tagged”)
  • Escape doors and windows
  • Outside lighting
Length 55'-64'
Width 13'-4"
Height 11’-4”
Weight 44,000-50,000 lbs
Product Description The mud engineer unit allows for any configuration needed to provide the engineer proper work space. 
Power Requirements 220 volt single phase with 200 amp main panel
Fire & Gas 110v with battery backup smoke detectors
Fire extinguishers
Certifications (IBC 2009) 
(IMC 2009)
(IFGC 2009)
(UPC 2009)
(NEC 2001)