Operating Essentials

HB Rentals provides the essentials for your crew to work and live on site. We focus on keeping your site operating and productive 24/7 and your workers comfortable during their personal downtime. Our basic utility services – water, sewage, power, lighting and communications – are essential to daily site operation. If one of these critical systems fails it could lead to costly downtime. HB Rentals will work with your team to ensure these essential services meet your needs with adequate fresh water supply, frequent sewage off take and reliable power generators, transformers and distribution panels. We also provide site lighting solutions, waste disposal if required and a special cooling unit to keep your crew effective on hot summer days.

Operating Essentials

Sewage Systems

HB Rentals' offshore sewage system product line includes treatment systems and lift pumps.

Water Systems

Water is an essential resource for any onsite operation. HB Rentals provides several water products and systems to either store water on site or to produce it on site.

Power Systems

HB Rentals supplies distribution panels, receptacle racks, power cords, generators and transformers in order to completely satisfy our customers' power systems needs. Offshore generators and transformers are available in every size depending on your vessel or platforms needs. These units can be skid mounted and are available with lifting slings allowing them to be easily transported offshore. 


HB Rentals’ high-throughput VSAT communication system is designed to offer a robust, dependable solution in remote project sites - send emails, submit a fax or simply make a phone call. 

Lighting Systems

HB Rentals provides incremental lighting for offshore projects either in support of our rental modules or temporary living quarters complexes or as a standalone solution.

Cooling Systems

HB Rentals offers a misting cooling system designed for platform or vessel use.

Galley Support Equipment

HB Rentals offers supplementary equipment to support galley operations, which clients will opt to rent on a per project basis.

Waste Disposal Systems

HB Rentals offers a waste disposal system including a trash compactor to help keep a job site clean.  

Stacking Assemblies and Support

Stacking assemblies and support are critical components to the installation of stacked and linked temporary living quarter complexes.