Power Systems


We offer multiple skidded generators with voltages ranging from 208/240/480v – 3 phase. We'll recommend voltage based on host site power generation capabilities, whether we tie the generator(s) into the site's permanent generator on the platform (MCC room on a platform) or vessel.

Transformers/Distribution Rack

All transformers/distribution racks are skid mounted featuring class I, div II enclosure disconnects. The disconnect is an on/off switch, functioning as a breaker with an explosion proof enclosure. The power is fed through the transformer where it is stepped down (480v to 208v). The transformer and disconnects are installed all on a single skid. The skid can be customized to site needs. We can modify the breaker size to your specification.

Transfer Switches 

For non ABS/USCG distribution panels, HB Rentals offers transfer switches to connect two separate power supplies into a single switch. The transfer switch enables our Service Technicians to manually switch between two different power supplies without having to turn off one of the power supplies, disconnect cabling or perform any other electrical work. Consequently, we lower our safety risk when performing maintenance or repairs to power generators or switching between the HB supplied power generator to rig or vessel supplied power.