Stacking Assemblies and Support

In the assembly of stacked and linked living quarters, stacking assemblies and support are a key component for stabilizing the complex. As an illustration, for our A60 ABS/USCG certified product line of accommodation modules, we use twist locks and double end twist locks in the ISO corner blocks. We use a handle that twists the head and locks it into place. Once stacked, we install a bridge connector, which goes into the ISO blocks of both modules and tightens it down as it pulls the modules together. If we install the modules on beams on a vessel we advise our clients to use a single head twist lock and weld the twist locks down and not the module. This minimizes repairs when the modules are returned from rental.

If working on a fiberglass stackable temporary living quarters complex we build frames around the modules. Guides are welded onto the stacking assembly. Eye beams are used from the top to bottom modules in the construction of the stacking assembly. Pad eyes are included with the design and a turn buckle is used to tie the modules vertically together.