Reverse Osmosis Water Maker

The reverse osmosis process has been used for over 40 years to provide offshore oil and gas operations a reliable fresh water source generated directly from seawater. The systems such as the H2O can generate 25BBLs to several 1000BBLs per day of potable water meeting or exceeding applicable government water quality guidelines. It is recommended to use a sizing of 100 gallons per day per man when renting or purchasing a watermaker. This allows ample water for galley use, showers, bunkroom sinks and fresh water wash down.

Operation of the system is done by a single on-off switch and all system functions are automatically controlled via the unit’s PLC. The systems are simple, reliable and produce potable water that is low in salinity, free from bacteria and treated to prevent corrosion in the platforms plumbing. All water produced meets EPA, WHO and USCG standards for potable water. Advanced pre-filtration options allow the watermakers to operate with little operator involvement other than a simple 1 minute filter change every 1-2 weeks on average even in shallow high silt feed waters.