Skidded Potable Water Tank

HB Rentals skidded water tank sits inside a frame and can be lifted horizontally or vertically.  It is shipped in a horizontal position and features multiple inlet and outlet connections to allow for connecting two or three tanks together with the last tank used to feed the building. Our water tanks are offered in different sizes, primarily 100 BBL (4,000 gallon) and in some cases 200 BBL (8000 gallon).  Both the 100 and 200 BBL sizes are skidded and any other size offered is non-skidded. The 100 BBL size is the most popular due to shipping costs. The larger tanks require permits to ship which increases total cost. The water supply is typically provided by the vessel or platform. The water system also features a 5.5 micron filter, which filters the water before it enters the tank.  All of our water distribution systems include two motors and pumps, which pipes the water into a volume tank and then to the filter pot.