HB Rentals Adds Linkable Onshore Skids to Rental Fleet


BROUSSARD, La., (March 27, 2013) — Accommodations specialist, HB Rentals, a Superior Energy Services company, has added linkable onshore skids to its rental fleet to provide more innovative solutions and products for customers' project needs, announced HB Rentals Senior Vice President of Global Operations Glenn Aguilar.

Linked together side-by-side, the new skids are 8-feet by 42-feet. The buildings are designed to minimize the overall width of units for transportation purposes where road conditions to drill sites have become problematic for operations and drillers in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. The width also allows the buildings to be mobilized without having to pull permits, which gives customers the added benefit of being able to transport buildings at any time.

Once linked together, the building dimensions become 16-feet by 42-feet and provide adequate space for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, living rooms and laundry facilities for onshore projects. If additional space is required, an 8-foot by 30-feet office is available to link together with the other two modules.

"When providing modules to any project, regardless of how remote, it is crucial that the transit between facility and site is seamless despite any obstacles," said Troy Roussel, Vice President of the U.S. Land Division. "From transport to install, we strive to make every process along the way as safe and efficient as we can for all personnel involved."