HB Scores US Gulf Spar Gig


HOUSTON, (July 15, 2010) — HB Rentals, a Superior Energy Services company, won a $1.2 million contract to provide a three-building accommodations package for a spar in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The scope of supply includes three A-60 ABS- and USCG-compliant eight-man sleeper units with a .3 bar blast rating.

The units will be stacked three high to conserve deck space on the platform.

HB is adding more piping and sprinkler heads all external electrical systems and components will be suited for Class 1, Division II locations to meet the customer's requirements.

"Meeting our customers' safety expectations is a top priority for us, so it's important for us to be able to customize our products to meet their needs," HB Rentals exec Jill Adams said in a release.

HB Rentals will also provide three custom-fabricated walkways, six platforms and two hinged stairways as a part of the package.