Living Quarters

We offer a diverse line of accommodation options to fit your living quarter or job site requirements, whatever they may be.

Power Systems

HB Rentals provides a full suite of power systems to keep your job site fully operational 24/7. Products include generators, transformers, distribution panels, receptacle racks and diesel fuel tanks.     

Lighting Systems

HB Rentals provides incremental lighting for offshore projects either in support of our rental modules or temporary living quarters complexes or as a standalone solution.

Sewage Systems

Sewage systems provide solutions for waste generated onsite.  With the use of lift stations, sump pumps, and heated and insulated hoses, waste is sent to storage units to be trucked away off site.

Water Systems

HB Rentals offers a range of fresh water systems and services including regular route delivery, storage tanks and subzero systems for cold weather climates.


HB Rentals offers both site and remote communication solutions to manage communication between the rig, company man, directional driller and other essential site personnel.

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