HB Rentals' Outstanding Record Earns Reduced Inspection Oversight


BROUSSARD, La., (Sept. 9, 2009) — Offshore accommodation specialist, HB Rentals, a Superior Energy Services company, has been selected to participate in an alternate inspection program by the U.S. Coast Guard.

HB Rentals was notified by the Marine Safety Field Office (MSFO) that its outstanding inspection history and high level of quality control has qualified the company to proceed with construction of its portable quarters without inspections at each stage of construction. Instead, HB Rentals may request a final inspection once a structure is complete.

During a three-month period, no deficiencies were found during structural, open wall and final inspections of HB Rentals' portable quarters, according to MSFO Lafayette.

"We invest heavily in high-quality craftsmanship, so it is very rewarding to have these efforts acknowledged by a regulatory agency," said President Deidre Toups. "In this case, being able to continue construction without approval delays will increase our production efficiency and will mean faster service for our customers."

HB Rentals will continue to file progress reports on each phase of construction and allow open access to its facility for random checks. After final inspection, an approval letter will be issued and plates will be stamped for each new construction.

The alternate inspection program was initiated to facilitate commerce and reduce redundant inspections, according to the MSFO Lafayette.